12 Jul

This Space on the Internet

1 decade ago.  I starting thinking I might like to be a teacher.  I started volunteering in a classroom one afternoon a month.

1 year ago.  I decided to leave my job at an education non-profit and get a full time classroom teaching position.

1 month ago.  I finished my first year of teaching.  I ran from the buses screaming “I’m still here!” and high-fived my fellow teachers and my administrator.

1 week ago.  I got excited about education again.

1 day ago.  I decided I needed to share my journey with you.

Welcome to this space on the internet.  I’m not altogether sure what it’ll be yet.  I’m sure it’ll be a place to learn, grow, share, laugh, and cry.  I’m sure it will be a place for me to find my inspiration again.

Let’s do this thing.

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