09 Apr

15 Questions We All Have For Teachers

Alright, BuzzFeed, here goes…

1.  Do you ever show up drunk?

No.  But I’m not a drinker.  I do have one friend who did once, though.

2.  And do you ever show up hungover?

Again, no.  The same friend did this, as well.

3.  How much did movies like Dead Poet’s Society influence your decision to become a teacher?

Minimally.  I’m a third generation teacher, so that had more to do with it.

4.  Did you ever find yourself attracted to a student?

Ew.  No.

5.  Did you ever have any students that you REALLY hated?

Actually, no.  I have, however, had students I find unbearably annoying.  Like, if we were the same age, I would never talk to them.

6.  How often do you catch people cheating and what do you do?

More often than you’d think.  And it depends.  On a big test (district or state assessment), a write-up.  But that doesn’t happen often at all.  On a smaller test, a very serious conversation with student and parent and some appropriate consequence depending on the level of the infraction.  On a class assignment, it varies.  I usually give them a look and a snarky, “How do you know they know better?”  Elementary students are notoriously bad at all aspects of cheating, including sneakiness and selecting an appropriate person to cheat off of.

7.  Is playground duty the worst?

No, but mostly because we have Playworks.  And because my students are really bad at four square.

8.  Do you hate other teachers?

Not all of them.  But definitely some of them.

9.  Are there in-staff room romances?

Ew.  Yes.  They’re the worst.  And one time, the kids figured it out (4th graders) and made really inappropriate but true remarks about it.  Not me, for the record.

10.  Are there teacher “cliques”?

Yes.  But worse than the cliques is the politicking.

11.  What’s the staff room like?


12.  Do you really “believe” in ALL your students?

Yes and no.  I believe that all of them are capable of learning, but I’ve also done this long enough that I know not all of them will learn and grow.  That’s just reality.  But you don’t know which are which if you don’t try to reach all of them.

13.  Do you really plan lessons?

Do I ever?!  I make almost all of my own homework sheets and most of our in-class activities.  And while I hunt for reading passages, I don’t actually create those.  I script questions to ask the students throughout the lesson, because if I don’t, I mostly end up really frustrated and angry.

14.  Have students ever tried to negotiate their grades?

Not students, but definitely parents.  But I teach elementary, so… you know…

15.  And have you ever knowingly taught something to a student that wasn’t true?

Sort of.  I have, on occasion, simplified the facts because the students wouldn’t be able to understand the whole truth.  When I do this, though, I always point out that that’s not the whole story, but that’s the only part of the story that we’re concerned about in our grade.

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