18 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

This week was one of those… it was full of poor choices on my part, early morning parent conferences, and lots of crazy brain moments.

Friday was our quarterly awards ceremony.  I volunteered to make copies of the awards certificates for a colleague in exchange for use of her cardstock.  So I’m in the copy room Thursday evening, counting out sheets of cardstock to make exactly the right number of each award certificate.  And I miscounted.  And then I accidentally pressed start before I was ready, and the copier took off making 19 additional copies of the good citizenship award.

And that’s when I lost all hope.  Arms crossed on the top of the machine.  Forehead on arms.  Game over.

And right then, the counselor walked by.  And probably figured I was in desperate need of counseling.  So he stopped to see what was wrong, and we got to talking.  Some of my favorite people in education are working towards their PhD’s.  They’re so incredibly knowledgeable about everything, and I’m incredibly jealous.  I noted this as he was discussing various education policies, and he told me why he was so knowledgeable:

Because his law professor told him that if he wanted to work in education, he needed to know what was going on.  So he went home that night and googled “education”, and read the noteworthy stories for the first 4 or 5 pages of results.  And he does that every evening, now.

So I went home and added several education news sources to my feedly.  And I compiled the more noteworthy ones for you as an extension of my Saturday Sentiments over at my lifestyle/food blog.

Now I only started doing this on Thursday, so this week’s a bit light.  But here goes:

The Senate is revising, and therefore reviving, No Child Left Behind.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Up your student choice game with these 7 tips.

Slight Edge: Because who doesn’t want to read education advice that begins with “Will Smith…”


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