25 Apr
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Saturday Sentiments

This week has been busting at the seams busy.  Compounded by the fact that we had somewhere in the range of 40 visitors at our school today cycling in and out of classrooms.  And to be honest, with everything else going on at school and at home this week, I didn’t have time to plan some brilliant lesson to showcase.  The night before, I had a bit of a freakout.  I felt like my typical close read lesson wouldn’t be very interesting or engaging for visitors (even though my kids actually really enjoy these).  Top it off with the fact that my old boss would be among the visitors (it felt a little bit like seeing an ex after a break-up).

So we read two books the kids loved (and that I have read aloud so many times, I’ve got the characters’ voices down pat) that even tied into our writing unit on fairy tales, and then we compared and contrasted their themes.  Followed up with two passages from their workbooks (our workbooks are mostly reading passages 2+ pages in length, with minimal questions, which I LOVE).  The kids filled out a compare/contrast graphic organizer on them.  Then, because it’s testing season, I created questions on the two texts using question stems from our state end-of-grade test.  I was pretty proud of what I threw together the night before.  The kids had a blast… because Jon Scieska.

Anywho, education news lately has been slow.  It’s basically just all about how people are opting out of testing, and how computer tests suck, especially if you’re in Nevada.  Neither of which really thrills me because neither apply to the state where I work.

But I did find a few gems.  Here’s what I’ve got to share:

Going Beyond Teacher Appreciation Day.  Because… yes, please.

Tips for Using iPads in the Classroom.  We recently got an iPad cart, and I’m constantly looking for new ways to use it.

Good Problem Solvers are Curious and Empathetic.  Which you probably already knew if you’ve ever taught.

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