02 May

Saturday Sentiments

I feel a bit like a broken record, as I started typing “some kind of a week” at the start of this post.  May is an overwhelming month for educators.  It’s going to be “some kind of week” for the rest of the school year, I don’t doubt it.  We’re all just trying to keep our heads above water.

It can be easy to get bogged down in your own concerns, but it’s always good to keep perspective.  Other teachers are struggling, too.  That’s why we’re coming up on teacher appreciation week.  They know we need it.

I love the idea of polling in the classroom.  Quick mini-assessments keep me clued into where my students are.

Let’s save the world.  Let’s create equity in education.  No, seriously.  Let’s.

North Carolina is struggling with creating accountability in education and not making everyone hate them.  This is the latest in that struggle.  Spoiler: the general assembly is losing.  And so are the rest of us.

I’m trying to figure out my thoughts on how kids develop in their sexual and gender identities.  What does it mean if a kid comes out as gay in elementary school?  And if some kids come out, do other kids know and keep it to themselves?  Did I know I was straight at that age?  So many questions, not nearly enough answers.  Let’s figure it out together.

A final note on teacher appreciation: some teachers are at schools that shower them with appreciation… from the parents to the kids to the administrators.  If you’re not, don’t for an instant think you’re not appreciated.  Know that the people who should be thanking you can’t… perhaps because they don’t know how… because they don’t have the emotional intelligence and maturity.  It might take years before those students, parents, and administrators realize what a gem you are.  It might never happen.  That’s their issue.  Not yours.

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