23 May

Saturday Sentiments

So much is happening this week.  My principal and I had our annual one-on-one meeting to discuss this past year.  It’s had me reflecting on this past year and thinking what I could do differently next year.

Meanwhile, a lot’s been happening in NC specifically.

For example, the general assembly has determined that we don’t need extra paperwork in the form of PEPs.  Pretty much the only thing I’ve agreed with the general assembly on in a very long time.

Then a teacher was an amazing example for his students.  And the community wasn’t even that crazy about it.

Let’s figure out how to teach kids to read better.

Student blogs.  It’s hard to say no to anything that gets kids engaged in writing.

In general, I’m pretty much a fan of any extra money for education.  But this has me thinking.

What to do this summer.  Because I’m sure you haven’t already thought about it.

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