Monthly Archives: August 2015

29 Aug

This Battleground

This week felt like a constant battle.  Not at all with my kids, I fell in love with them.  But

27 Aug

Fear of Failure

I spend a lot of my time experimenting.  On any given day, some of my kids don’t get it, whatever

25 Aug

And then… today…

Coming off of yesterday’s failures, I was hopeful but apprehensive about today.  And it was amazing.  The kids had a

25 Aug

First Day Blues

Yesterday was the first day of school for me, and it was a doozy.  I’m just beginning my fourth year

23 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 2

I’ve finally got my classroom in order, which is good since the kids are coming tomorrow. Let’s revisit my priorities

08 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 1

Pictures will come in part 2.  Here, I’m going to be talking about the pedagogy I’ve been exploring as I’ve