25 Aug

And then… today…

Coming off of yesterday’s failures, I was hopeful but apprehensive about today.  And it was amazing.  The kids had a much better idea of what was expected of them, and while their behavior was still not what I want, it was definitely moving in the right direction.

The kids came in this morning, completed their morning work, grabbed the book boxes and started reading.  There was a little bit of chit chat, but really, it wasn’t bad and it was easily corrected.  This is us during our math lesson this morning, exploring place value:

Kids hard at work


Here’s what I love about this picture.  In this moment, my classroom was noisy, but productive.  Kids were working in self-selected groups – exploring, thinking, working their little butts off.  I was guiding, facilitating, but never teaching.  Today was exhausting in its own way.  But mostly, it was energizing.  I got the kids to work harder than me!

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