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16 Jul

Reading Block: Independent Work

This is something I’ve played around with a lot over the years, and I’m excited for my plan for this

09 Jul


I spend a lot of time working over the summer.  I don’t think anybody really believes that.  I mean… I

23 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 2

I’ve finally got my classroom in order, which is good since the kids are coming tomorrow. Let’s revisit my priorities

08 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 1

Pictures will come in part 2.  Here, I’m going to be talking about the pedagogy I’ve been exploring as I’ve

29 Apr

I wish my teacher knew

So this teacher gave her kids an assignment: Complete the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew…”  And then she posted

12 Jul

Creating a Culturally Inclusive Classroom

When I told my uncle we were planning to visit Santa Fe, he made fun, arguing that Santa Fe is