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14 Jul

Reading Block: Task

After we complete our close read of a text (which, remember, might just be a portion of the text, I

09 Jul


I spend a lot of time working over the summer.  I don’t think anybody really believes that.  I mean… I

23 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 2

I’ve finally got my classroom in order, which is good since the kids are coming tomorrow. Let’s revisit my priorities

08 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 1

Pictures will come in part 2.  Here, I’m going to be talking about the pedagogy I’ve been exploring as I’ve

26 Apr

Test Prep

In the past, I’ve never really gotten behind the whole “test prep” movement.  There are a couple reasons for this.

18 Apr

Que dile?

Teaching in a school where more children speak a language other than English fluently than not comes with a unique