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04 Sep

Two Weeks In

We’re coming to the end of our second week of school, and what a two weeks it’s been! I’ve learned

29 Aug

This Battleground

This week felt like a constant battle.  Not at all with my kids, I fell in love with them.  But

27 Aug

Fear of Failure

I spend a lot of my time experimenting.  On any given day, some of my kids don’t get it, whatever

25 Aug

And then… today…

Coming off of yesterday’s failures, I was hopeful but apprehensive about today.  And it was amazing.  The kids had a

25 Aug

First Day Blues

Yesterday was the first day of school for me, and it was a doozy.  I’m just beginning my fourth year

23 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 2

I’ve finally got my classroom in order, which is good since the kids are coming tomorrow. Let’s revisit my priorities

08 Aug

Classroom Setup – Part 1

Pictures will come in part 2.  Here, I’m going to be talking about the pedagogy I’ve been exploring as I’ve

23 Jul

Back to School

It always hits me during our July 4th adventure to visit my husband’s family.  All of a sudden, about a

30 May

Saturday Sentiments

This week included end-of-grade tests for us.  Kids who didn’t pass the reading will still have to take a retest.

26 May

Interactive Vocabulary Wall

My district is making a big push for three different instructional strategies: 1) Summarization, 2) Graphic Organizers, 3) Vocabulary. My