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17 Jul

Sunday Sentiments

Despite the fact that I have minimal, if any, audience here, I’ve been making considerable effort to keep writing here.

09 Jul


I spend a lot of time working over the summer.  I don’t think anybody really believes that.  I mean… I

30 May

Saturday Sentiments

This week included end-of-grade tests for us.  Kids who didn’t pass the reading will still have to take a retest.

23 May

Saturday Sentiments

So much is happening this week.  My principal and I had our annual one-on-one meeting to discuss this past year.

16 May

Saturday Sentiments

This week was our multicultural fair at school, which I resented tremendously, because it mostly seemed like just one more

02 May

Saturday Sentiments

I feel a bit like a broken record, as I started typing “some kind of a week” at the start

25 Apr
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Saturday Sentiments

This week has been busting at the seams busy.  Compounded by the fact that we had somewhere in the range

18 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

This week was one of those… it was full of poor choices on my part, early morning parent conferences, and